1956 Dual Quad engine

Pontiac entered the horsepower race in 1956 with a dual 4-barrel carburetor version of the 316 cid engine.  The following summary is an excerpt from "75 Years of Pontiac, The Official History" by John Gunnell.

In March 1956, an “extra hp” V-8 was released. It also displaced 317 cubic inches, but came with 10.0:1 compression heads; dual four-barrel Rochester carburetors; a special intake manifold; a fuel pump with larger valves; a dual-element Delta-Wing air cleaner; a greater overlap high-output camshaft; revised valve timing; longer-stemmed valves; high-tension valve springs and shields; anti-pump-up hydraulic lifters; and modified electrics. The output of this so-called “NASCAR” engine was 285 hp at 5100 rpm. It was tested for 0-to-60 mph in 11 seconds flat and 16.2 mpg fuel economy. Pontiac experts estimate that 200 cars were equipped with this motor, which was intended primarily for professional stock cars, but found its way into amateur drag racing cars.

 The potential of the 285 hp engine was not lost on 73- year-old speed ace Ab Jenkins. who took a high-output Chieftain 860 coupe to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a 24- hour world speed record run in which he covered 2,841 miles at an average speed of 118.37 mph. The same car, with drilled-out wheels to make it lighter, then set a 100- mph distance/speed record  of 126.02 mph.


For additional information, see:

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Thanks to Rick Sorgen for the following documents.

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"The 1956 'NASCAR' Dual Four-barrel Engine"   article by Len Sokol published  Smoke Signals magazine. (Poor quality, Len send a better scan of this)

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56PontiacWorldSpeedRecord.jpg (32841 bytes)  Picture of Ab Jenkins - 1956 World Speed Record (click on picture)