Notes on some of my 285HP 56 Pont research Rick Sorgen 12/15/2005


-         conversation w/ Chuck Longley, Deland FL 1/9/2003

o       Knows of 2 dr post 56 Pont w/ 2x4 , may have been Vernon Blanks, who worked for Smokey Yunick

-         Tiny Lund also raced a 56 Pont for Bill Smith, Owner of Speedway Motors

-         John Hargrove indicated Jan 03

o       He has restored two 56 Safari dual quad setups.

o       Mentioned name of Lynn Dawson one owner

o       Also noted Pontiac 57 dual quad research that never saw production, from Carter blueprints.

o        Fully restored 56 dual quad setup $10,000.00

o       He has found the 56 developmental manifolds more common than production

o       Believes 56 NASCAR Pontiacs were automatics, not sticks

o       Is doing 4 part series of articles ( I do not note what magazine) including rebuild 3x2 1959, and 56 dual quad

-         conv w/ Rick Gonser Jan 2003

o       There were 200 to 205 1956 dual quad manifolds

o       106 in manual transmissions

o       Junior Johnson wrecked 5

-         Conv w/ Bob Holan 1/14/2003

o       Engineer for Pontiac 1956

o       Did not work directly for dual quad program however recalled

         He was in Daytona in 56 thought they were all a bunch of drunks

         56 dual quad was used in drag racing

         There was controversy re Ab Jenkins in what he was doing, engineering, missing funds etc.

         Smokey Yunick would test modifications, mostly preformed worse

-         Conv w/ Bob Newill Jan 2003

o       Engineer for Pont 1956

o       Corporate wanted to look good in racing results

o       He was with Ab Jenkins in Bonneville

o       Worked on exhaust manifolds for Smokey Yunick

o       Engineers for the Rochester dual carbs and possibly engine project, Ed Ekinmier (sp?) ( deceased), Bob Aldrich, John Williams, Dwight Teagarden, John Sawruk

-         Conv w/ Mac McKeller 1-15-2003

o       Typically the developmental castings were hand cast by several sources, possible reason for the small and large casting numbers

o       Engineering would provide wooden pattern