For Sale 1957 Pontiac Custom Safari.  Asking $10,500.

Sep 22, 2008, updated Sep 26, Oct 22


by Larry Gorden...  Reno contacted me with a 57 Custom Safari he needs to sell.  The car is in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Reno has sent me over 100 photos and I'm including some of them below.  From photos, it appears to be quite rust free and solid. It doesn't appear to have many miles on it -- or it has been restored in the past.  All I know about the car is what Reno has told me (below) and what I can see from photos.  If you are interested in the car, contact Reno at his email address.  I'll update this page as more information surfaces.


All original condition, matching numbers, almost rust free (very little surface rust in some little spots at MOST).  Engine runs well, no noise, good compression, no smoke...very clean.  The original Jet-away auto tranny has been totally rebuilt, 0 miles on it ....all new and I have a receipt of 1000 USD job performed by a tranny shop!
Brakes are totally new, shoes, linings, cylinders, and so on..not 1 mile yet.
Underneath very clean too... super solid! Chassis very clean and solid. This car has always been in storage.
Is still an unfinished project, currently installing windows.  There are parts missing on it... I'm currently making an inventory.
Has all Mexican papers and the VIN tags on firewall and drivers, no big deal to register it again back in US!
And to re-import back cars in US you guys don't pay duties.  Car is American made...


I will move the car to Laredo,TX (inside USA) for customer pick it up!  I have a trusted American hot rodder friend in Laredo, he has a shop and I can store the Safari there for pick it.  This shipping will be INCLUDED  in the purchase price.
I sell cars all the time worldwide and i'm very keen on logistics...  If you wants to talk directly to me  I can provide my office number.


Asking price: $10,500 (reduced Oct 22, 2008).
Contact: Reno Casasola