POCI 2003 Western Regional Meet

October 4, 2003

We had 7 Safaris in the show and one '56 Safari showed in the parking lot for a total or 8 Safaris

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Rich and Pam - '55 Safari.  Restoration in progress.  Most Rust and Best Work in progress awards.  They actually drove this rust bucket from Bay area to the meet along with their '55 2 door sedan.

  Rich&Pams Safari Rt.JPG (72534 bytes)  Rich&Pams Safari.JPG (113786 bytes)  Work in Progress.JPG (40521 bytes)

Larry and Debbie - 56 Safari.  Best modified Safari Award.  This baby has 76 Trans Am mechanicals including clip, engine, transmission, rear end, and steering column.  Larry says this modification really worked well.

56 Safari Lft Larry.JPG (41396 bytes) 56 Safari Engine.JPG (60232 bytes) 57 HT & 56 Safari.JPG (40842 bytes) Best Modified.JPG (66834 bytes)

The Phantom '56.  This one showed up in the parking lot and we talked to the owner.  I don't remember name of owner but do have their email address.  They purchased this car recently and they are sure to get pressured to join POCI and the Safari chapter.

 56 Safari Blue Blue Lft Rr.JPG (58090 bytes) 56 Safari Blue Blue Rt.JPG (44581 bytes)

Larry (that's me) and Julia's '56.  In the excitement, I got pictures of all the cars except mine, you'll see glimpses of it in other pic's.  These are photos at my house but it was in the show.  It is completely stock and original except for paint and dual exhausts (added after pictures were taken.) 

 RightFront.JPG (88345 bytes) Rear.JPG (67023 bytes) Most Unique.JPG (62285 bytes)

Marks 57.  This car is awesome.  No expenses spared in building.  Won first place in the Safari class.

57 Safari Custom.JPG (83008 bytes) 57 Safari Engine Mark.JPG (66371 bytes)

Marvin's 57.  Very well preserved original, including paint and interior. 

57 Safari Marvin.JPG (75436 bytes) Best Original.JPG (48245 bytes)

Mike's 57. He does a little more work on it each year and is another awsome Safari.

57 Safaris.JPG (57493 bytes)  57 Safari Mike.JPG (115615 bytes)  PontiYakin & Safaris.JPG (146335 bytes)

Robin's 57.  He ran a close race for best rust but Rich and Pam edged him out.  I'm sure this will be a beauty some day.  Just insert $$$ and watch it blossom.

57 Safari Robin.JPG (66035 bytes)  57 Safaris 4.JPG (50578 bytes)

Best Non Safari driven to meet.

Best Non Safari.JPG (73003 bytes)

This picture is from the August Pontiac meet at Ventura.  My '56 is sandwiched between Mark's 57 and Marvin's 57.  Tough competition!

Safaris.JPG (61374 bytes)