Interior Roof Bows for Safari

By Larry Gorden, April 2004.  This article is adapted from an article by Ron Huddy in a past Safari News (Ron's article was reprinted in Fall 2003 Safari News).

The Custom Safari (and Chevy Nomad) has seven stainless strips on the interior roof.  These bows hold the header liner in place.  In the picture below (55 Safari) you can see all but the front chrome strip.

Every strip except one has an identification number stamped on each end. The strips are numbered as follows:

This picture (56 Safari) has window trim removed and shows the numbers.

Each strip end is attached to the body with two sheet metal screws.  This picture shows all seven strip ends.  Note the third unnumbered strip has a noticeably different end on it.  The rightmost strip is the rear strip (45); notice it is angled slightly.

This picture shows strip ends for 37, 72 and the unnumbered strips.

Strip ends 43, 44, and 45.

Here's a view of roof from rear (Watch Kitty is not original equipment)