Safari Facts


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By Bob Johnson

Reprinted from December 1979 Safari News


Chapter member Paul Sylvestri writes he has completed a set of spindles for his '55 Safari that will accept the '62 aluminum 8-lug wheels, backing plates and drums (he notes the rear wheels, backing plates and drums are a near "bolt-on" installation). Here's the basic procedures he used:

First he turned down the inner bearing end of the spindles and then machined a spacer to fit between the backing plate and the inner bearing race.  This spacer (shown at 'A' in the accompanying photograph) brings the inner bearing closer to the outer, to match the '62 drum dimensions, and also serves as a grease seal.

The '62 backing plates are used by welding in new centers (shown at 'B' in the photograph) to align them radially on the spindle.

Next, the old backing plate holes (shown at 'C') are welded closed and clearanced for the steering are, and new holes (shown at 'D') are drilled (Paul used 3, two lower and 1 upper) to fit the '55 spindle.

Finally, shim spacers are made to bring the plates back into vertical alignment (perpendicular to the spindle).  New paint is added and the who setup bolted on!  Looks pretty slick, Paul!

Anyone needing more detailed information on this swap can write to Paul at [old information deleted] California, 94018.  Thanks for the follow-up on this swap, Paul!