1956 Trim Codes / Upholstery Options

This picture was scanned from a Pontiac dealer's book.  It shows options for upholstery on the 56 Safari.  A "Trim Code" is associated with each upholstery option.  Note that colors are not faithfully reproduced.  The blue is a little dark and needs a little green added to it - but doing that degrades the brown colors even more.


Trim codes for the Safari, 276, 275, 278, and 277 (in the order displayed above).  Notice that the Star Chief Catalina shares these upholstery materials and colors.  These are the only listed options for the Safari but there are other non-leather options for the Star Chief Catalina.  These are the only leather options according to the dealer's book, so you could get leather upholstery only in the Safari and the Star Chief Catalina (2-door and 4-door hardtops)

The upholstery materials shown above were used on the faces of the seats only, that is, only on the parts that you set on and lean against.  The trim around the seat bottom, around the seat back edges, and the front seat backside were vinyl in a color matching the darker color (Tan or Blue).  This vinyl material is the same as used on the door panels and side panels.

The nylon seats used a slightly different vinyl on the front seat backside than the leather seats.  The seat backside vinyl was the same color (Tan or Blue) for leather and nylon seats; but for the nylon seats the vinyl had gold or silver wiggly lines in it that simulated the gold or silver threads in the nylon material.