1957 Models and Body Styles

These are the models, identifying Body Style Numbers, and production numbers for Pontiacs that were offered in 1957. The Body Style Number can be found on the Fisher Body Data Plate.

The "27" and "28" model designation (first two digits of Body Style Number) refers to the series and identifies the frame for the car..  The 27 series are built on the shorter Chieftain/Super Chief frame and the 28 models on the longer Star Chief frame.  The Custom Safari models (2762SDF and 2764DF) are somewhat of an anomaly because they are built on the shorter frame but use the more expensive Star Chief components and trim.

"Catalina" designation is used for cars with no post between front and rear side windows (usually called "hardtops").  Catalina Coupe is a two-door hardtop.  "Catalina Sedan" is a four-door hardtop, it is not a sedan (no post between front and rear side windows).

This was the first year for the "Super Chief" model, it replaced the pervious "Chieftain 870" designation.  This was the first year of the "Bonneville" designation -- they were all fuel injected Star Chief convertibles in 1957.  The "Bonneville" did not become a separate model until 1958.

ModelBody StyleBody
Style No.
27 ChieftainCatalina Coupe27372,5293,66551,0172-door hardtop
 Catalina Sedan27392,6143,74540,0744-door hardtop
 Two Door Sedan27112,6433,62521,343 
 Four Door Sedan27192,5273,67035,671 
 Four Door Sta. Wagon2762FC2,8983,94511,5363 seat wagon
 Two Door Sta. Wagon2763F2,8413,8002,9342 seat wagon
27 Super ChiefCatalina Coupe2737D2,7353,68015,4942-door hardtop
 Catalina Sedan2739D2,7933,75019,7584-door hardtop
 Four Door Sedan2719D2,6643.69515,153 
 Four Door Sta. Wagon2762DF3,0213,87514,0952 seat wagon
27 Star ChiefFour Door Custom Safari 2762SDF3,6363,9551,8944-door wagon, called the "Transcontinental"
 Two Door Custom Safari2764DF3,4813,8601,2922 seat sporty wagon
28 Star ChiefConvertible Coupe2867DTX3,1053,97012,789 
 Convertible Coupe Custom (Bonneville)2867SDX5,7824,285630Convertible with fuel injection.  Most expensive.
 Catalina Coupe Custom2837SD2,9013,75032,8622-door hardtop
 Catalina Sedan Custom2839SD2,9753,82044,2834-door hardtop
 Four Door Sedan2819D2,8393,7403,774 
 Four Door Sedan Custom2819SD2,8963,7558,874 

        * Shipping Weight is with automatic transmission.