This is a list of 1956 dual 4-barrel 285 HP cars by Rick Gonser, April 14, 2010

Green & White 2-dr Sedan (Manual) California (Driven to POCI Nats in Ontario CA, POCI Western Regionals in Yosemite CA)
Green & Green Hardtop (Automatic) Texas (Driven to POCI Nats in Tulsa OK)
Black & White Hardtop (Automatic) Idaho (Driven to POCI Nats in Spearfish SD)
White & White 2-dr Sedan (Manual) Nebraska - Museum of American Speed (Tiny Lund #37 Clone)
Red & White Convertible (Automatic) Great Lakes (Driven to POCI Nats in Red Wing)
Black & Black 2-dr Sedan (Automatic) Florida (former drag car recently sold to someone in Texas)
Blue & White Safari (Automatic) California - Driven to the SCC/POCI Nats in Lake Forest CA (Former Len Sokol Car)
Black & White 4-dr Sedan (Manual) Current whereabouts unknown, last seen at 2007 Police/Hwy Patrol car Nats
Pink & Black 2-dr Sedan (Manual) Florida - Floyd Garrett Museum
White & Blue Hardtop (Manual) Oklahoma (Driven to POCI Nats in Charleston WV)
White & White (Manual) Indiana - Speedway Motors Museum

Note 1 - All of the one's that have appeared at an SCC or POCI Nationals are licensed/insured drivers.  Don't know about the others...

Note 2 - There are two or three others being restored (in addition to Jeff's), but all are either clones or pieced-together cars...