1956 Pontiac Facts Book

July 2008

Front Cover Inside Front Cover, page 1

This is a scan of a photocopy of the "1956 Pontiac Facts Book", a book given to salesmen to provide information and selling points about the new 1956 Pontiac.  I purchased a photocopy of the book through the American Automobile Club of America (AACA) library, www.aacalibrary.org/.   The document is broken up into several sections to keep document file sizes down to a reasonable size.

Below are major sections of the book.  Click here to open the book in a single 32MB document (fast internet recommended).

Pages 2-7

Table of the 15 models;  
Highlights of what's new;  
essage for Salesmen.


Pages 8-37

Alll the 1956 models
Pages 38-41

Color/Upholstery Charts for each model
Pages 42-65

Interior Styling
  3.2 MB  
Pages 66-99

Body by Fisher
Pages 100-145

Pages 146-177

3.5 MB  
Pages 178-189

New Strato-Flight Transmissiion
  1.2 MB  
Pages 190-213

Major Options
  3.1 MB  
Pages 214-247

  4.2 MB  
Pages 248-253

Promotional Hype -- Why Pontiac is Popular.
  0.5 MB  
Pages 254-end

Pontiac Firsts & Index