1955 Pontiac Shop Manual

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Thanks to
Joe Foerster for providing the excellent scan of the document.
Section    Title
00  General Information and Table of Contents
0General Lubrication
3Front Suspension
4Rear Suspension
5 (1-13)Brakes  Contents / Standard Brakes
5 (14-29)Brakes  Bendix Power Brakes
5 (30-51)Brakes  Moraine Power Brakes
6Engine Mechanical
6aEngine Cooling and Oiling
6b (1-20)Engine Fuel Contents / General Description / Carter WGD 2 Barrel
6b (21-38)Engine Fuel Carter WCFB 4 Barrel
6b (39-55)Engine Fuel Rochester 2GC 2-jet
6b (56-73)Engine Fuel Rochester 4GC 4-jet

6b (74-78)

Engine Fuel and Vacuum Pump

6cEngine Clutch
7Transmission and Gearshift Control
8Fuel Tank and Exhaust
9 (0-9)Steering Contents / Manual Steering
9 (10-29)Steering Power Steering and Special Tools
10Wheels and Tires
11Chassis Sheet Metal
12Electrical and Instruments
13There is no section 13 in the Shop Manual